Design Subtropic 2022

Branding + Marketing

How Design Subtropic changes the world - It seeks to elevate the life of designers in the Miami. To create meaningful connections, advocate for better opportunities and highlight the great talent that the city has to offer. It keeps designers connected with new trends, tech and opportunities. It is a place to find your next job, your next hire, your next partner or next dream. It is a place to upgrade your skills. It is a place to find your people as a designer, and belong.

For Design Subtopic 2022 we did EVERYTHING. From branding to actually running the event ourselves. It is a week long festival dedicated to design and all who appreciate it.

This is where we walk the walk and design for our own event. We know your struggles, we don't only design for events, we also host them.

Designing for Designers is a unique challenge. Everything will be scrutinized and mistakes are not taken lightly. But it also pushes us to design our best work.

We secured sponsorships and partnerships from the most influential design organizations in the US and the World